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Human Tissue Bank

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Research Staff

Helen Vavouraki, Ph.D, Researcher

Maria Nasopoulou, Biologist

Kostas Anagnostakos, doctor, postgraduate collaborator

Avgi Kyriazi , doctor, postgraduate collaborator

Stylianos Kakkos - Technician


Human Tissue Bank collects tissues of human origin and processes them, producing frieze dried, radiosterilized grafts to be used in Reconstructive Surgery. It follows the International stds as well as the European Directives 23/2004, 17/2006 and 86/2006. The established know-how in processing methods of various human tissue parts is unique in Greece, being always in progress. Since now it has delivered over 45000 grafts of proven quality. The whole activities are computerized and accredited according to ISO 9001/2008 .Our permanent task is the continuous search of human tissues from suitable donors, the effort for the optimization of the production processes, the study of activity mechanisms of our grafts, the introduction of new techniques and methods to prepare new products, the application of new quality controls according to the latest national and international standards and legislation for this type of products.

The tissue banking research interests are focused mainly in the study of the activity of the produced grafts , in the optimization of the production methods, the introduction of new techniques, the process of new tissues and the development of new grafts.

Human Tissue Bank activities are therefore based on collaborations with university medical and other departments and hospitals