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NCSR Demokritos

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Welcome to the institute of Biosciences & Applications

The Institute of Biosciences & Applications (IB-A) is one of five research Institutes of the National Center for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”. The Centre is unique in Greece insofar as combination of different scientific disciplines and many inter-institutional research collaborations are concerned. The goal is optimal progress of research and technology in thematic areas related to the research interests of researchers from different institutes.

22 researchers make up the main scientific staff of the IB-A (total number of personnel: 124), and in December 2008 a new researcher was recruited (Lecturer level), to be hired in 2009. At the same time new research positions are pending for 2009; the hope is that there will be very competitive candidates for this round as well. In 2008, Drs. Chroni, Lambropoulou, Tzinia and Voutsinas were promoted based on merit, to the tenured, Associate rank. Warm congratulations are extended to all of them.

The IB-A has recently acquired upgraded and new equipment via competitive funding from the General Secretariat for Research & Technology [GSRT] (EPAN-infrastructure funding, E. Tsilibary, co-ordinator).  Approximately 250.000 € were sent in 2008 for new and upgraded equipment (total amount granted: 500.000 € from 2006 to 2008). Moreover, the process of ISO certification according to international standards for the Animal House was completed in July, 2008 (the Laboratory of Human Tissues was certified in 2007). Both these laboratories which render services to a vast number of hospitals, institutions, pharmaceutical companies, private users, etc., have managed to achieve a significant number of sales. Sales started rising significantly with competitive funding from GSRT (“AKMON” grant, matching the amount of sales from March 1st, 2006 to June 30th, 2008); even after completion of the grant sales keep going up and the perspectives are quite encouraging for the future. The researchers in charge of these facilities, Dr. D. Kletsas (overseeing the Animal House) and Dr. E. Vavouraki (in charge of the “Human Tissue Bank”) are to be gratefully commented for their extremely hard and successful efforts thus far, in promoting services rendered from each of these laboratories. Of course more infrastructure remains to be upgraded in the next 2-3 years, since both these laboratories were established ~ 40-50 years ago without any renovation ever since.  Complete renovation is required for maintaining and updating the ISO certification on a yearly basis. Suffice it to mention that upgrading of these facilities for services started in 2004, together with my tenure as Head of the IB-A.

The financial and more general indexes of the IB-A are particularly encouraging, a result of the continuous and successful effort of IB-A researchers.

Retired, collaborating researchers were again proven to be very productive participating in publications, seminars, research efforts, etc, and in general had a valuable contribution for the IB-A.

I wish to extend my thankfulness to the elected members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the IB-A for supporting my efforts to upgrade the Institute, and the members of the Committee for Graduate Education. I also wish to thank all the researchers who participated in various committees of the IB-A and the Deputy Director, Dr. I. Almyrantis who substantially contributed to the smoothest possible operation of the Institute and my administrative tasks.

Despite continuous difficulties and adverse conditions, support by the majority of researchers is a constant source of optimism and gives me confidence that we will successfully achieve our main goal, upgrading of the IB-A. My belief is that, based on objective factors including competitive funding, number and quality of publications, citations, etc, the IB-A has already made substantial progress and continues the process of upgrading, getting better every year. This effort will render the IB-A more competitive internationally: I have confidence in the research potential of all these researchers who prove their productiveness on a yearly basis and keep getting better.

Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to the administrative support of the IB-A, Ms. A. Kostaskou (accountant) and Ms. M. Papadaki (secretary).

Effie C. Tsilibary, MD, PhD

Director of IB-A

February 2008


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