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Chemical Ecology & Natural Products

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Research sub-program:

Chemical Ecology and Natural Products, in collaboration with the Laboratory of "Insect Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology", Prof. K. Iatrou


Research Staff :


Maria Konstantopoulou, Senior Researcher

Dimitris Raptopoulos, PhD Collaborating scientist

Rafaela Pantelari, Undergraduate Student

Anastassia Pantazi – Mazomenou, Research Technician


Research Interests


Chemical ecology: isolation and identification of biologically active compounds, relating to insect chemical communication and plant – insect interactions (pheromones, volatile compounds of plant origin etc.) that may be used in integrated pest management programs.

Isolation and identification of secondary metabolites (mainly of plant origin) acting on insect physiology and/or behavior (behavior modifying agents - infochemicals). Laboratory and field evaluation of bioactivity of the isolated metabolites; study of their mode of action.

Development of specialized dispensers for chemical attractants/repellants for insects and technologies for their application in pest population control. Biodegradable materials endowed with controlled- release rate and UV protection properties.

Biochemistry of insect olfactory receptors with emphasis on the localization and isolation of protein receptors for semiochemicals.

Endosymbiotic bacteria of insects: Isolation and studies on their mutualistic relations with host insects.

Microorganisms and Biotechnology: Isolation of naturally occurring microorganisms and their biologically active secondary metabolites (toxins) aiming to their incorporation in insect population management.

Program Slides